WBS Books

The interest in modern Russia is continually growing and the demand to learn the Russian language is vast.

As always, logistics is key and a skill that our company has grown from. Our knowledgeable team combined with our unique services provide a clear and simple approach to working with Russian products.

WBS Books is an innovative company offering a diverse range of Russia books; created due to a growing interest in Russian language books and culture internationally. Being part of the WBS group, we can offer a reliable service through the strength of our people and extensive knowledge. We guarantee to remove the barriers and handle all of the administrative challenges involved in the trading of Russian products and services.

From all time classics and the latest releases to educational and academic, WBS Books supplies a full range of titles direct from Russia to any global destination.

We supply books written by international and Russian authors from all publishers, including large internationals and small independents. Our aim is to increase the popularity of great modern writers that we feel should be known outside of Russia, and to continue to spread the work of the Russian literary giants as well as the world’s most popular bestsellers.

We believe that Russian books deserve to be read outside of Russia and provide an innovative solution to fulfil demand in the bustling market.

  • The latest releases in Russian language available from all major publishers
  • Easy ordering and wide choice of delivery options
  • Full range of titles including Fiction, Non-fiction, classics, Art, Language learning, academic, trade, science, technology, niche and collectables
  • Tailored and bespoke title selections relevant to customers business needs
  • Real time stock levels
  • Ship directly from Russia to any global destination