Advanced Warehouse System

With our bespoke state of the art in-house applications we have the ability to handle your consignments through all the processes of modern logistics. From the moment you place your orders with suppliers, to the point of dispatch, to loading onto the international vehicles, our system has got it covered.

Our Advance Warehouse System receives information on book consignments due to arrive at our depot. It records each stage of consolidation from actual receipt, through sorting, processing, checking and confirmation. Thanks to our continued creative development we can offer ground-breaking facilities, including bar-coded parcels and pallets which have been electronically checked and weighed to ensure accuracy and traceability. Electronic scanning of documents into our document management system gives our customers access to incredible consignment detail via our web portal, and provides the added benefit of auto-generated electronic shipping documents.

We are committed to continued improvements to our IT and systems and our dedicated teams of IT professionals are on hand to amend our systems for every possible need.

With the introduction of our bar-coding system, every single consignment, from envelope size through to parcel or pallet, is given a unique reference number providing easy consolidation and control. We treat every consignment individually and follow the instructions set by our customers.